Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One Salon and Spa Winnipeg

For clients who have been calling One Salon and Spa in Winnipeg, looking to book an appointment with me, and who are being told that "Karin Hiebert" is booked up, and another stylist can service you...I am not booked up, I no longer work at One Salon.
I've been told this repeatedly by clients who have found me and conveyed to me that this is what they are being told.

Linda Gershman, the owner of One Salon and Spa in Winnipeg denies this, just moments after I posted on Twitter about this issue (Linda did not respond to the Twitter post, but sent me a personal text message instead -YET another not so great idea!)
I have concrete evidence - Including a public post by a former client on a social media platform, who was told I was 'all booked up'.

I get it, the owner wants the clients to book an appointment and build the salon's clientele by offering another stylist to provide services for them...however, people will and HAVE found out that I indeed am not there. This isn't ever a good idea, it reflects poorly on the owner, and the business.

I highly recommend that this tactic or strategy isn't used by any salon owners at anytime when a staff member is no longer with the company.