Thursday, February 26, 2015

Where the Heck is Karin Hiebert???

Well it was about time that I updated my profile picture...after all the one below I had up for several years...O.K., I had it up  forever!
It was long over due for a change, and chances are I probably would have just left it as is, since it simply became a familiar face - or rather profile pic across the web.

I was asked for a 'head shot' for a hair salon - One Salon and Spa here in Winnipeg...I was going to be working there, so the owner "Linda Gershman" needed a head shot for the website. 

So, hubby and I spent an afternoon with the iPhone taking various pictures and've probably heard me mention the salon on a few occasions (One Salon and Spa in Winnipeg) you can read a bit about it in my posts, and of course on Twitter etc.

I don't have a lot of good things to say about my experience, except that I do wish the owner NOTHING - but success. ;-)

So here you have it...the new profile pic of Karin Hiebert: you'll probably see again for the next few years!


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